Own Your SHIT!

Good day everyone. Today, I have decided to write on an issue a which needs told to people all over the world. Own your SHIT!

WHAT?  You are asking yourself if this writer is crazy.

Yes, you see I “own my SHIT”.

People tend to think that they can go through life without owning up to their flaws and mistakes.

We do things to to offend others without making amends or passing the blame. That is irresponsible behaviour. Apologize, say you are sorry and mean it!

Things go wrong at home or in the office and we want to crucify others. Instead of complaining, take charge of the situation. If there is something broken and you have a solution,  give your council on how to fix the problem, offer to fix the problem, fix the problem yourself or ask for help if the situation is beyond you

We make decisions based on “advise” given by persons who “seem” to know what they are speaking about. Stop that! If this happens, take charge of the situation. Do not blame anyone, even the “advisers“, for your mistake. It was your decision! Instead, do research in the library, on the internet and seek mentors who are actually successful and they have a proven track record in the field you are pursuing. There is an old saying, measure twice, cut once“.   

So ladies and gentlemen, take charge of your situation and own your SHIT and remember to do it with a SMILE! Take care


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