Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

 Thank you for reading my webpage and my blog. Firstly, I congratulate you for showing an interest in self improvement.

Today’s lesson is about stepping out of your comfort zone.

We have grown accustomed to having a job. We look forward to a pay increase and when we retire, we look forward to collecting a pension. Have you grown tired of struggling, not being able to make ends meet and working from pay check to pay check. I want to tell you if you want to become wealthy, you have to be willing to try new things. I am not saying for you to leave your job right away. I am telling you you should sell something, start your own business, invest in the stock exchange or license a product an do sales. There are many way to get to the top. 

Edward C. Barnes was one of the riches men in America in the early 1900’s but he did not start off that way. He was a poor man with a burning desire to become Thomas Edison’s business partner. He took the little money he had an boarded a train to fulfill his dream. He told Thomas Edison when they met that he came to become his business partner. Edison, seeing his ambition, started him off as a worker in his company. An opportunity presented itself and he seized the moment and presented his idea to Edison and partnered with him to sell the dictating machine. You see, Barnes took that risk to go to meet Edison. He stepped out of his comfort zone.

So ladies and gentlemen, seize that opportunity to bring your self into financial freedom to be able to leave your job have the time to spend time with your family, travel the world and buy things you could not afford on your salary.

Step out of your comfort zone, become a success and remember, do it with a smile.

Take care!

Are you interested in “stepping out of your comfort zone”.

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