The Seeds of Life

In November 2009 my wife left me. I was not cheating, but I did not spend enough time with her. I spent my money wild on “foolishness”. I was running down “politics”. Yeah, my wife told me we were done. I was devastated. In Trinidad we call what I had was a  “Tabanca”. For one whole year I went about making amends. I nagged her to come live with me at my apartment where I was renting. She came once and I almost screwed that up. 

During that year I went to a church and asked the pastor for advice on how to restore my marriage. He told me to “leave my wife alone”. I understood, but when I left the church, it was as if I left all my sense there because I kept “nagging” her to move in with me. 

Then in January 2011, I decided that I am no longer chasing after my wife and that week I decided to go hang out with my work colleagues at a football match on the Friday. Yeah right, that Friday when I was suppose to go to the game my cell rang. It was my wife. she called me to pick her up in Sangre Grande. Boy, I was so happy (I did my happy dance!) She decided to give me another chance, so I left Port of Spain, I went for her and I carried her home where I lived in Chase Village. We are together to this day.

Why would I tell you this? Let be real, many of us have been taking our lives for granted and do things to hurt ourselves in the future. We reap what we sow! 

Let us all strive to improve our lives by making good decision. 

Take care everyone and remember to smile!

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